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Saskatoon Rainfall Totals

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City of Saskatoon

Gordon Lightfoot - 23 songs -
live from the 60's and 70's

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Winter Boots grip failure...

Don't thro out your old speakers!

There is a chance you can repair them yourselves, like i did.


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Bad Bye

Welcome! from Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada

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Two of my world favorite webcams.

The Temple Bar, Dublin Ireland

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Online Rock Radio Station

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Saskatoon's only live webcam! (image only, no video for now)

(oops...shut my mouth! Found another live webcam in Stoon: Stonebridge area
which is a bit "whirly".)

My webcam located in East Saskatoon, by College and Mckercher, facing WNW

New image every 5 minutes, when the software doesn't decide to shut down.

!!  For  the  newest  image  use:  Refresh, Reload, or KEYS:  Ctrl + F5  !!

At one time we measured rainfall totals in 'Inches'
Then we went to 'Millimeters'
Now we are down to 'How many spits of rain did you get last night?'

Measurements taken from East Side Saskatoon:
(not the west side airport readings)

June 20-30/2021:June 26 = 0.10 (1 tenth) inches

July 2021:July Total - East Saskatoon= 1.37 inches

August 2021:August Total - East Saskatoon= 2.26 inches

September 2021:September Total - East Saskatoon= 0.44 inches or 11 mm

October 2021:October Total - East Saskatoon= 0.6 inches or 15.24 mm

November 2021: November 09 = 0.01 (tenths) inches
November 10 = 0.09 (tenths) rain
1.9 inches (4.83 cm) snow

November 11 = 0.6 inches (1.52 cm) snow
November 12 = a skiff of snow
November 15 = .06 (tenths) rain
November 16 = 3.5 inches (8.89 cm) snow
November 17 = a skiff of snow
November 20 = a few flakes
November 24 = a tiny skiff of snow

Daily Precipitation Totals From West Side Saskatoon
Precipitation (in mm)

Daily Precipitation Totals Regina

Precipitation (in mm)

Posted by my internet friend in South Africa

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So, how much did my Air Conditioner cost me the summer of 2021 in Saskatoon?

If you are thinking of a central A/C for next summer for your house, which would not only keep you cool, you can also keep your windows shut when the forest smoke arrives...i have the totals of how much my A/C cost me.

I have a 2 ton central Lennox A/C and my house is 850 sg feet.

My normal power, electric, and all the other add on charges, normally come to $162.00 per month, give ot take $10 or so.

In June my bill total was: $172.00 so the A/C cost $10.00.     (rounded off...)

In July my bill total was: $252.00 so the A/C cost $90.00.

In August my bill total was: $254.00 so the A/C cost $92.00.

In September my bill total was: $277.00 so the A/C cost $115.00.

The total cost to run my A/C this summer 2021 was $307.00.
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