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       Built in Calgary, Alberta by Glen Smith between 1950-1960   
                   364 Hemi - Magneto - 4.71 GMC Blower
                                  - B+M Hydro Transmission
                                  - Old's Rear End
                                  - Hand Rubbed LACQUER
(Gold Metalflake)
         Appeared in:
                    1. BENCH RACER - (car of the month - Feb, 1962)
                    2. ROD + CUSTOM - Mar. 1963
                    3. CALGARY HERALD - Sept. 3, 1963
                    4. OLD AUTO'S - Page 15 - Mar 3, 1997
                    5. CANADIAN CLASSICS - Feb. 2001          

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Superrun 2005
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
        "Pineapple Princess" came on the scene in the early 60's. A name derived from the chrome 'hand grenade' which is used as a gear shift knob. Today, this fine old roadster is unusual in the fact that it is almost exactly as it was, when it was completed by Glen Smith in 1961.
             The running gear exists of a 1934 Ford frame which has been Z'd in the rear, while the front end utilizes a 3" dropped axle. The nerf  bars are made from old Ford steering shafts. Chrome was not spared on the chassis or any other part of this machine. Body work was done by Lionel Powers, with no filler used. The chrome windsheild frame has been chopped 3" to acheive a low effect all around. The solid white rolls and pleats were stitched by Glen and his family, and is still in the roadster today. A remarkable peice of upholstering. The dash is set off  by a full set of Stewart Warner instruments.
              This unit is powered by a 1953 Chrysler New Yorker, Hemi, bored to 364 cubic inches. The pistons are 8.2 to 1 Forgetrues. The cam is a Isky E-2 and the Hi-Rev kit was also supplied by Iskenderian. A Scintilla Vertex Magneto replaces the stock ignition, and a '61 Valiant alternator replaces the original generator. The intake manifold is a Crager blower manifold which mounts a 4.71 GMC blower. The whole assembly has been balanced. '56 Chrysker truck heads have been fully ported and polished and fitted with sodium cooled exhaust valves. Exhaust headers were built by Glen Smith.
               Horses are transmitted to the '54 Olds rear end through a B & M Hydro stick.
         The gold paint is metalflaked. It reguired 3 pounds of gold flake and 3 gallons of clear lacquer. Hand rubbed 35 times. A difficult job taking 6 weeks and was done in a barn. The paint job was a first in the Calgary area at the time. Today, the Princess is one of the few left with a gold metalflake.
            Ron Bjerke purchased the roadster in 1974, while living in Quesnel, British Colombia. Ron and his wife drove it for 2 years. In 1978, Ron moved to Saskatoon, and shortly thereafter a deal was made to trade the Princess for a 1959 Corvette. But in 1996 the Bjerke's found the Princess near Canora and were able to repurchase it and bring her home to Saskatoon. In April, 2003, the Bjerke's sold the Roadster,  which fulfilled a dream that one day the Princess would go to a museum. The Rod will now be on display at:
             Fonzie's Diner and Car Museum, Wareham, Massachusetts, U.S.A.
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   Page from the March 1963
            ROD & CUSTOM
    The Pineapple Princess in
  Girls Clothing Advertisement
                  (left pic)
       (Who were these girls
A nostalgic look back to a Street Rod, built, well ahead it's time, and which remains the same today.
- auto enthusiast community

Click Here For Video and Photos Click Here For Engine Running
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The Roadster, formally of
Saskatoon, SK. Canada, has
now found a new home. She
will be on display at:

Fonzie's Diner and Car
Massachusetts, U.S.A.
                Rod sold through
          'Classic' Classifieds at:
1932 Ford Roadster
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